Mexico 2011 Trip a Huge Success

Mexico 2011

Compassion In Action Digs Their First Well

Clean, safe water is something most of us take for granted.  On our mission trip to El Carmen, Mexico this year we became aware of a need.  Many of the residents no longer have access to the water that was delivered to their houses from a truck every few days.  Their homes do not have the luxury of plumbing.  Water is stored in large barrels outside of their homes.  Through the generous donations of many people we have raised $3000 and the order is in to dig the well!  Thank you Lord Jesus!

We Became His Hands and We Saw His Heart

Our annual mission trip in March of this year proved to be a very inspiring experience for our entire team.  Ranging in ages from 17-70, our team of 17 impacted the city of Monterrey and the village of El Carmen, Mexico.

Here are some of the highlights:
We held two Conferences on “The Father’s Embrace” for Pastors and Leaders and also at a Bible School.  We ministered at the local prison and also at a church service for pastors wives.

Construction was completed on the 16×20 house that we built for a 75 year old widow that is raising her grandchildren.  The project was done, including paint, in 3 1/2 days!  Their normal shelters are made of cardboard, wood pallets and door panels with dirt floors.   When we presented Goylleta will the keys to her new house, her tears of joy said it all!

The Children’s Hospital is always a heart breaking experience for our team.  Most of the children are non-verbal in wheelchairs and several have spina-bifida.  We did the chicken dance, blew bubbles, sang, prayed for them, and took them on rides outside.  One little boy, about 11 years old, was laughing so hard he cried simply because two people on our team were blowing bubbles for him.  It’s the simple things in life that change our world.

Serving at a Nursing Home proves to be a very rewarding encounter.  This year we cleaned, helped with meal prep/clean up, and brought home-made cheese cake for the residents and staff.  Spending time with them singing, praying and playing games was so fun.  Their faces just lit up playing balloon volleyball!

Helping in a Soup Kitchen will definitely help get your life in perspective.  We served about 100 very poor women and children that struggle having enough food for themselves on a daily basis.

Hair Cutting and the Toy/Blanket/Food Give Aways are a highlight for the community in El Carmen where we’ve worked for years.  Many women and children had the privilege of a free hair cut.  There norm is to use dry laundry detergent to wash their hair.  We poured cold water over their heads out of a barrel and they whipped their heads back and forth in lieu of a towel.  Oh the things we take for granted!  We bring along little toys that our children “don’t like” anymore.  They become treasures for the children who use a rock to play kick ball with.  We purchase oil, rice, beans, and flour and give away bag after bag of groceries to needy families.  The cost is about $3.00 per bag. I always ask myself if I would walk for 45 minutes to get a free bag of groceries worth that much money.  Each year the elderly and children die from the cold weather.  We make it our goal to bring blankets each year to give away which they are so thankful for.

Our team had the privilege of being invited to a Double Wedding in the little church that we built about 8 years ago on our final day in Mexico.  We bought the dress and flowers for one of the brides.  When they struggle with enough food to eat each day, wedding attire is not at the top of their list.  Minutes before the wedding began several team members gave away their jewelry because we learned they had no jewelry to wear for their big day.  What a humbling, unforgettable, beautiful experience.  The reception took place in the dirt yard next to the church.  We played children’s games in lieu of a wedding dance.

All of our hearts were filled with God’s presence at the end of the trip.  We really did become His Hands and we saw His Heart!  We go to serve and come back changed with a new view of life.  Please consider joining us next year.  Your life will be altered!

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